Top 5 Reasons Shinkolite

Top 5 Reasons Shinkolite is the Smart Choice for Bangkok Garages & Canopies

Bangkok’s harsh sun and frequent downpours can wreak havoc on exposed structures like carports and canopies. Shinkolite roofing solutions offer a significant upgrade over traditional materials, delivering lasting benefits that protect your vehicles, belongings, and even create more comfortable outdoor spaces.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Shinkolite

1. Unmatched Heat Protection: Shinkolite doesn’t just make vague claims about reducing heat. Here’s the proof:

    • Special coatings can reflect up to 90% of infrared rays, the kind responsible for heat transfer.
    • Studies show garages with Shinkolite roofing can be up to 10 degrees Celsius cooler than those with traditional metal roofs. That’s a difference you feel and it helps protect your belongings against heat damage.

2. Ultimate Durability: Bangkok’s harsh sun, humidity, and rain challenge traditional materials. Shinkolite’s longevity offers impressive numbers:

    • Shinkolite’s special resins and coatings resist fading, meaning your color won’t turn dull within a few short years.
    • The manufacturer offers comprehensive warranties often spanning 10-15 years, showcasing confidence in the material’s ability to withstand Bangkok’s climate.

3. Corrosion Resistance: Humidity drives rust, the silent enemy of metal structures. Shinkolite forms a robust barrier:

    • Multiple layers, from resin coatings to anti-corrosion treatments, provide protection on all sides.
    • This translates to years of worry-free use, avoiding leaks and keeping your supporting metal frame strong.

4. Noise Reduction: Enjoy a more peaceful space. While not soundproof, Shinkolite does provide noticeable benefits:

    • Compared to bare, thin metal roofing, the material has a dampening effect. The annoying drumming of strong rain is reduced.
    • Shinkolite Twin Cool series adds another layer, ideal when a noise reduction is a high priority.

5. Environmentally Conscious: Construction material choices matter. Shinkolite contributes to sustainable practices:

    • Recyclable options mean reduced landfill waste when a Shinkolite roof far down the line reaches the end of its service life.
    • By being highly durable, it cuts down on the need for constant replacements, a drain on resources.

Shinkolite Series: Finding Your Perfect Fit

Max Space Solution offers various Shinkolite series to tailor the solution to your specific needs:

  • Cool Series: Maximum heat reflection for the ultimate in keeping spaces cool.
  • Twin Cool Series: Combines heat reflection with an underlayer for added sound insulation.
  • Other Series: Ask us about options tailored to light transmission, specific budgets, and more specialized uses.

Upgrade Your Bangkok Garage or Canopy

Tired of a sweltering car or belongings getting drenched during storms? Say goodbye to those frustrations with Shinkolite. Contact Max Space Solutions today for a free consultation and discover the perfect Shinkolite solution for your space!